High Wire, Higher Standards: A Three-Year Pioneering and Trailblazing Journey to Go Beyond Sustainability

Greystone Winery Takes Three-Year High Wire Journey to New Heights: Expanding to Over 25% of Total Vineyard.

Waipara Valley, North Canterbury – February 20, 2024 – Greystone Winery, a trailblazer in organic wine production, celebrates a significant milestone in its quest to redefine sustainability. Following three years of pioneering work, Greystone is proud to announce the expansion of its innovative ‘High Wire’ trellising system, to over 25% of its vineyard. The High Wire project represents Greystone’s commitment to innovation and organic regenerative farming. Through meticulous testing and refinement, the winery aims to reshape traditional New Zealand viticulture practices.

Mike Saunders, Viticulturist at Greystone Winery, reflects on the journey: “Our decision to trial the High Wire system and integrate year-round sheep grazing stemmed from several key objectives. We aimed to reduce our environmental impact by minimizing tractor usage and diesel consumption, thereby lowering our carbon footprint. Additionally, we sought to improve soil health, optimize viticultural outcomes, and enhance the resilience of our business.”

The success of the trial period has empowered Greystone to scale up this groundbreaking approach, as Saunders explains: “The integration of sheep grazing into our vineyard, along with the promotion of biodiversity, has enriched our vines in profound ways. Grazing behaviors contribute to efficient nutrient cycling, nurturing strong, resilient vines and root systems.”

Dom Maxwell, Greystone’s Winemaker, highlights the impact on wine quality: “As our vines mature and coupled with this holistic approach, we’re witnessing wines that are more expressive, complex, and balanced.” Nick Gill, Greystone’s General Manager, emphasizes the winery’s commitment to continuous innovation: “Expanding the High Wire system underscores our dedication to regenerative organic farming and sustainable vineyard management. Our approach extends beyond viticulture; we proudly feature vineyard-raised lambs on our restaurant menu, contributing to a more eco-conscious future and additional revenue streams.”

Stephen McGowan, Greystone Sales, and Marketing Manager underscores the importance of transparency: “As consumer preferences evolve, Greystone aims to lead the way in environmental stewardship. Our dedication to regenerative organic farming resonates with consumers seeking healthier and sustainable choices.”

Over the past three years, Greystone has achieved remarkable milestones:

• 50% reduction in carbon emissions through minimized tractor usage and natural weed control by sheep.
• Enhanced soil health and structure through minimal tillage farming.
• Increased biodiversity and natural pest control with multi-species pastures.
• Improved grape quality and complexity due to enhanced vine health and soil nutrient richness.

The integration of sheep grazing into the vineyard has played a pivotal role in reducing carbon emissions and promoting soil health. This innovative approach aligns with Greystone’s commitment to sustainability and eco-friendly practices.

To learn more about Greystone’s High Wire system and join the journey beyond sustainability, visit www.greystonewines.co.nz or our cellar door/restaurant.
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