Meet The Interns – Matis Le Coutaller

Age: 22

Hailing from: St Emilion, France

How did you get into the wine industry? A lot of people in my family and friends work in the wine industry, so it’s start to be a passion at 14 years old.

What has been your winemaking experience up until now? 2 vintages in Bordeaux, 1 in Champagne, 1 in Perpignan, 2 in Spain , 1 in South Africa and 1 in Croatia.

How did you hear about Greystone?  I heard about Greystone on Instagram.

What do you do for work back home? I help some friends for spraying the vineyard in st émilion.

What is the most memorable wine you’ve ever tasted?  chapelle d’ausone 1996

What is your favourite task in the winery? I like everything in a winery and in the vineyard my jobs are my hobby.

What is your favourite Greystone wine? Syrah vineyard ferment

Did you grow up with wine in your family? yes a lotttt !!!

What future aspirations do you have – in or out of the wine world?  I’m looking for a job in Italy if possible a permanent job in a winery in Piémont or Toscana to live there and why not buy some vineyard in Italy and make wine in Italy.