Meet The Interns – Ruby Gill-Clifford

Age: 20

Hailing from: Broomfield, North Canterbury

How did you get into the wine industry? I have worked in the Cellar Door at Greystone casually for two years, but prior to that I have been able to hear about the wine industry from both my parents who work in it.

What has been your winemaking experience up until now? This is my first vintage, and I am very excited about it!

How did you hear about Greystone?  I have been very lucky to have known about Greystone since I was born! My dad became the viticulturalist for Greystone in 2005, with this being one of the main reasons we moved to New Zealand from Australia that year. I feel very privileged to have been able to have spent time on the vineyard since I was very young. (The photo above was taken in the Greystone vineyard in 2006)

What do you do for work back home? Currently I am living in Christchurch as I am a student at the University of Canterbury, studying a Bachelor of Science majoring in environmental science and geography.

What is the most memorable wine you’ve ever tasted?  My godfather let me try some Barossa Shiraz when I was younger, with a meal that warranted such a wine. I would say it is the most memorable as I had not tried much wine at that point, and to go straight to a Barossa Shiraz was quite an experience! I remember being utterly bewildered at all of the flavours he could identify from a sip!

What are you most looking forward to this upcoming vintage? Learning more about the intricacies of producing such a unique product and getting to meet some new people who probably will know a lot more than me!

What is your favourite task in the winery? I have yet to figure that out, I am most looking forward to the lab work, but I am excited to experience all of the roles in the winery.

What is your favourite Greystone wine? I think the vineyard ferment is such an incredible concept and is the one that stands out to me the most.

Did you grow up with wine in your family? Flavour was always something we were taught to appreciate growing up. When my siblings and I were younger it was with food, and then as I grew older, I was able to appreciate flavour in wine, as my parents had done throughout their adult lives working in the food and wine industry.

What future aspirations do you have – in or out of the wine world? I am really interested in sustainability, including agriculture, food production and our connection to our environment. I`m not sure exactly where I will end up in the future in terms of a job, but I am thrilled to get to work in a company that is a leading example of sustainable wine production in New Zealand.