Let’s chat with the Chefs behind the upcoming Greystone Harvest Party!

Chef Cam Woodhouse from Greystone
Chef Maty Johns from Brew Moon
Chef Josh Hunter from Food by Fire

Q: Cam – Can you tell us a bit about the Greystone hogget and how you are using it in the restaurant as well as at this event?
A: The hogget is sustainably farmed in the Greystone vineyard by Viticulturist Mike and the vineyard team. Greystone has converted blocks of the vineyard to a high-wire trellising system that allows the sheep to graze 365 days a year. Read more about it here.
The carcass is around 10-15kg heavier than a lamb which means the muscle groups are larger with better fat content. We age them for around 10-14 days before butchering and cooking. We try to continually evolve the butchery and cooking process every menu change. We make sure we use every cut including the bones for stocks and sausage from the trim. We will be butterflying the hoggets and roasting them over a fire on the night.

Q: How did this collaborative harvest celebration come to be?
A: It came from our love for great food and wine and a general respect for each other’s craft whether its cooking yummy food or making great wine or beer. We caught up for a few beers and chatted about the concept and the harvest party is what came out of it.

Q: What can guests expect on the night of?
A: Great Mezze plates using local produce cooked over fire with the help of Food by Fire’s BBQs, fantastic wine from Greystone and great beer from Brew Moon and if you’re up to it you can boogie the night away with local DJs.

Q: Why is having a local harvest celebration important to you ?
A: It’s a great time to catch up after harvest and celebrate the hard graft that everyone has put in. Also it’s great for the community to talk about the good times and hard times about harvest and perhaps just even learn a thing or two and just have a general catch up over some great food, wine and beer. 

Q: Josh & Maty – How does the food at this upcoming event reflect the type of food you deliver daily at work?
A: Cooking over fire is what we do so being able to show to people and the community what we do for a reasonable price is always a pleasure.

Q: What local ingredients are you most excited about in the Autumn and Winter?
A: Maty & Josh – We are super excited to work with Greystone hoggets! We always love to work with super clean produce and proteins and being able to cook them over the fire is always exciting! 
Cam – I personally love using celeriac for its complex earthy flavour and its wine matching capabilities.

Q: What is your favourite Greystone wine and/or Brew Moon beer?
A: Maty -Cut and Run the fresh hop by Brew Moon, Josh -Greystone 2022 Organic Chardonnay, Cam – Melonsmash IPA and Greystone Vineyard Ferment Pinot Noir

Q: Will you be joining the festivities with some wine and dance moves once the food is over?
A: Of course Maty will doing be doing his infamous lawnmower and Josh will have a bit of a rip and tear (Josh is knowing for his elegance on the dance floor).

Get your tickets here!

Join us in celebrating the end of a beautiful harvest with delicious food, wine & beer and some local DJs.

Chef Cam Woodhouse from Greystone, Maty Johns from Brew Moon and Josh Hunter from Food by Fire will be cooking whole Greystone hogget over the fire, served with harvest mezze plates full of local ingredients. Your ticket gets you a full meal cooked in front of you.

After dinner we have some local DJs ready to serenade you into the evening. Keep yourself warm on the dance floor!

There will be a bus picking people up from Christchurch CBD and bringing you out to Greystone (and getting you home safely). Please click the ‘ticket & bus’ link to secure your spot. Feel free to email Jasmine at [email protected] if you have any questions about safe transportation options. 

This is an 18+ rain or shine event so please rug up. Feel free to bring camping chairs or picnic blankets as there is not full seating available for everyone.