closeup of Greystone Chef Theo in the kitchen

New chef Theo Dubost brings a new flavour to Greystone’s Cellar Door

We’re so excited to welcome our new chef, Theo Dubost, to the Greystone team. Trained in French techniques and European cuisine, Theo has had experience working in restaurants across France, which included three restaurants holding coveted Michelin stars. He is no stranger to Aotearoa, having worked at the fine-dining establishment INATI before joining us at Greystone.

When asked what he likes to create the most, he said that’s a hard question, because he likes to cook with everything.

From proteins to produce, one of his biggest priorities is using every part of the food.

“For me, it’s being able to use as much as I can. It’s doing something different than the rest of the world.”

Working with chef Cameron Woodhouse, the two enjoy the challenge of finding new ways to use what would otherwise be discarded. Whether it’s ordering half a cow and using every bit of it or finding a way to cook the tops of carrots, the kitchen aligns with exactly what Greystone is trying to do across the vineyard: create less waste for a more sustainable future.

Using seasonal ingredients is a big part of that, too.

“Using produce that’s in season is the most important part of the job,” Theo says. “The fruit and vegetables have more flavour, better texture, plus it’s hard to forget a nice dish when it showcases what is fresh.”

Every two weeks Theo and Cameron change the menu – a task they find freedom and creativity in. Catering to those who come often or occasionally, the menu boasts the crème de la crème of ingredients available, so every visit will be a culinary surprise.

For those coming to the winery for the first time, Theo’s advice is to start with a wine tasting before easing into Greystone’s speciality – a long lunch.

“We have an excellent snack menu at the cellar door, and we change it up quite often. With the long lunch, we try and make dishes different to other restaurants, playing with new flavours and textures you often don’t find.”

His current vineyard favourite is the Greystone 2020 Chardonnay.

“When I first tried it, I was blown away because it’s not like every other Chardonnay – it’s subtle, very elegant, but still has weight & structure, which makes it perfect for pairing.”

Although the menu is inspired by French techniques, Theo says it is not a French restaurant. Instead, the changing menu will transport you to Europe, Asia, the Mediterranean, and beyond. Each dish will be inspired by whatever takes the chef’s whim.

“When you visit, come in with an open mind, trust the chef, and find something new to enjoy, whether it’s food or wine.”

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