Nick Gill in the Vines explaining regenerative viticulture practices

On becoming regenerative, part one

If you are a Greystone newsletter subscriber or Purple Pages reader, you’ve probably heard a lot about regenerative viticultural practices and benefits. As one of New Zealand’s first wineries certified by Quorum Sense, Greystone has opened our doors to their team to explore how and why we have embraced Regenerative Viticulture as the future of our vineyard stewardship and winemaking practices.

We’re excited to share with you their insights into our approach and philosophy. Yes, we are enormously proud of the Greystone team’s dedication to becoming regenerative, but you don’t need to be a winemaking expert to sense the importance of this approach. It shows up in every glass.

“It starts with a regenerative mindset”

Extract from Quorum Sense “Regenerative Viticulture Case Study”, July 2022.

“We really want to be able to show that we can run a production system with similar or only slightly higher costs, but a better outcome for the environment and for the business.”

Mike Saunders, Greystone Wines

To learn more, read the full Quorum Sense Case Study Chapter One, “Context, goals and mindset”.